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"I had the honor and privilege of participating in Unleashing the Shameless Woman. Kimberley is an awesome teacher & mentor who works closely with you and provides the necessary tools along with a positive loving and forgiving environment to heal. Since the program, I've been able to address some core issues and feel much healthier and stronger. I encourage you to take this program." Unleash your shameless woman! Braveheart Butterfly

Janét Bowerman

"Kimberley Simon is one exceptional creative emergence coach. I believed that I was always meant to be unhappy and struggle until Kimberley had helped me do some serious soul searching and guided me to do so with care. Her wisdom had really helped me discover some major issues about myself that caused me to live in constant fear. She gave me some tools to use in order to help me soar and after applying these tools, I started to live the life that I deserve to live. Thank you Kimberley." ~ Miriam Slozberg Empowering Entrepreneurs with the Proper Use of Social Media

Miriam Slozberg

"Thank you. You empowered me to find the answers to my questions within me and in a way that made perfect sense. With your guidance the answers flowed easily and you illuminated my blockages, especially fixating on linear time.  I will carry the divine into the workplace and everywhere I go from now on, and know that I have everything I need to execute my own energy work.

Audrey S.

"Kimberley's passion for life and living to its fullest has inspired me to desire that passion for myself. Please keep doing what you are doing in the way you are doing it."

SS, Ontario, Canada

"Trust was so easily given to Kimberley Simon. I felt nurtured & released unrecognized, buried blocks. Her tender encouragement allowed me to heal. I feel strong, clear and filled with joy in my body, mind and spirit after my insightful session in which Kimberley empowered me to trust myself! Since our phone call, I found the courage to let go of “doing” that held me back from what I most love AND requests for my healing services began before I told people about the change I’m making! I feel so free, able to move with so much space & air around me. Excited as a small child making a list for Santa. Only my list is from Annette to Annette and contains all of her loves that fill her up! I will never forget Kimberley's loving thoughts and guidance. Thank you for everything, truly!!!! Infinite Love and Gratitude, Annette."

Annette, NY

“Her joy and lightness of being are contagious and delightful, and by way of working with Kimberley, you’re completely transformed into an individual who is thinking clearly and making daring moves, feeling extremely open, with a heart full of passionate care for others, wanting to be of service in a significant way to the rest of humanity – because you have just been so completely served by Kimberley Simon.” Original Womyn Alliance

Hualani Janice Mark
Original Womyn Alliance

"I tore a ligament in my left hip, intensely painful, in fact, except for childbirth I've never felt pain like it. The only way I got through it and healed was with the help of Kimberley who sent me healing frequencies and connected with me every day. She is amazing and I'm so grateful to her.  ♥  A week later I couldn't believe that I'd been in so much pain at all."

Ravenne Freeman

“Kimberley has an uncanny sense to help me be honest with myself even when I don't want to. She keeps me focused on me, not the noise around me that I cannot control.” 

Cathy L, Ontario, Canada

“Kimberley has a calming presence, an uncanny way of always knowing what questions to ask, what type of release or meditation activity is needed to help move me forward in both my spiritual development and career. I'm grateful to her and the Divine for bringing us together."

Kristine Creely, Tampa, FL

"Being a psychic reader, empath and medium, a number of severe life blocks led to some crippling circumstances. With Kimberley Simon's step by step guidance and patience, I was able to track down my challenges, address them, and get them out of my way. Today I am mentally clear, have these challenges put to bed, was able to forgive myself and others, and am able to continue on my life path to help and serve others. I invite and encourage anyone seeking to clear themselves of old business and wanting to get on with new life to call Kimberley Simon, and receive for themselves a healing and enrichment that they will be glad of for a long time to come." Dimensions of Spirit

LynAnne Moon, Psychic, Medium & Empath & Founding Member of the HOPE Retraining Center in Texas
Dimensions of Spirit

"During my session with Kimberley it was amazing that I was actually able to smell the essences that were combined within these essential oils therapies... over the PHONE! I felt their healing energy as they flowed throughout my body as if they knew exactly where they needed to focus for my highest healing. I highly recommend this treatment for anything that ails you." Bellésprit Magazine | Belle Salisbury

Belle Salisbury, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor & Founder of Bellésprit Magazine
Bellésprit Magazine