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Special Offer: Complimentary private Frequency Wake-Up Call (30-45 minutes)

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Kimberley Simon What People are Saying…

testimonial Kimberley SimonKimberley Simon is one exceptional creative emergence coach. I believed that I was always meant to be unhappy and struggle until Kimberley had helped me do some serious soul searching and guided me to do so with care. Her wisdom had really helped me discover some major issues about myself that caused me to live in constant fear. She gave me some tools to use in order to help me soar and after applying these tools, I started to live the life that I deserve to live. Thank you Kimberley. ~ Miriam Slozberg

testimonial Kimberley SimonAfter my call with Kimberley, my fiancé arrived home & said, ‘What did you do today? You look totally different.’ I knew that what Kimberley shared with me came directly from the divine and was specifically meant for me. My work day went from ‘challenging’ to running smoothly and a choice that I needed to make was simply clear. I want more. I’m signing up for the group program and for private coaching. Kristine Creely, Tampa, FL

testimonial Kimberley SimonKimberley has an uncanny sense to help me be honest with myself even when I don’t want to. She keeps me focused on me, not the noise around me that I cannot control. Cathy L
testimonial Kimberley SimonI feel strong, clear and filled with joy in my body, mind and spirit after my insightful session in which Kimberley empowered me to trust myself! Since our phone call, I found the courage to let go of ‘doing’ that held me back from what I most love AND requests for my services began before I told people about the change I’m making! I feel so free! I will never forget Kimberley’s loving thoughts and guidance. Thank you for everything, truly!!!! Infinite Love and Gratitude, Annette.

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