Kimberley Simon, MA, CPC, Wisdom Guide & Creative Emergence Coach

With over 20 years of multi-disciplined experience, her workshops, tele-courses and life coaching programs are designed for spiritually-oriented people, holistic practitioners and energetically sensitive folks, for those who feel numb and want to rev up their zest for life and are beginning to resource and explore their passion and purpose for an expanded human experience – to leverage their deep yearning for life change into epic self-transformation.

Kimberley is a resourceful guide for anyone choosing to shift from wounded to open-hearted by surrendering old pain and fear so that they can stop feeling stuck, broken or confused, by helping people to transform conflict into clear connections, to recover the clarity, freedom and confidence to fulfill the promise of their relationships, profession and their life purpose.  She has a natural ability to listen deeply and honor where you are, while simultaneously inspiring you to embrace greater potential.

I love to…

  • Coach remarkable clients and workshop participants as they surrender the tethers of their story of pain, struggle and fear to make room in life for the inner call of their sacred self.
  • Witness the transformation of people who are committed to reclaiming their freedom, passion and take action by practicing possibility to create lives of conscious creativity and realize joyful self-expression.
  • Empower people to experience a sense of peace and trust in life and reconnect with their inner guidance system so they can know with total clarity… what’s next!

As a child, I remember that there was always a knowing, moments of pure joy and reckless abandon, as an invitation to always follow my heart no matter what logic would dictate.  I quickly learned that to accept myself, to love me as I am, allows everything to fall into place!

Imagining a life devoted to her inner world seemed a lot nicer than the outer reality of Kimberley’s world and she left home to blaze a trail and exercise her young rebellious gypsy-like nature.  With an ever-present gift for finding the beauty in any situation, Kimberley fixed her attention on a future where things would be in reverence to her big dreams!  She attained her BA in Sociology, got married, had two children, divorced and stayed home to raise her son and daughter. Without the experience of living her big dream, Kimberley lost her sense of joy and lived a life of struggle.  With faith and trust, she learned that we don’t have to live this way.

A personal health crisis forced Kimberley to let go of focusing on others – to stop everything and listen inwardly. This surrender catapulted Kimberley into deep self-inquiry and, as a result, she embarked on a journey to live in conscious integrity, as she began to heal and choose a balanced and fulfilling life.

After a period of metaphysical study and a newly found understanding of the treasures in life, she began to attract powerful collaborations, profound gifts, and the skill to transform the nature of her life in ways that she could not have foreseen. Once her children left home to create their own life, Kimberley traveled across Canada, while listening for the inner call for her next direction, which led her to Tampa, Florida and then Toronto.

Over a period of 20 years Kimberley had the opportunity to gather empowerment expertise as Executive Director of a sexual assault center, providing hope and inspiration to women through their challenges and celebrating the triumphs as they transformed into passionate human beings. A national agency that sponsors mental health facilities sought out Kimberley for their team: delivering self-employment, advocacy, self-help, and leadership programs that empower individuals to enter back into the community and contribute as thriving individuals.

Kimberley Simon has a BA in sociology, her MA in business communication, focusing on Leadership & Influence, is CTI (Coaches Training Institute) trained in the co-active coaching model, certified as a professional coach with the  International Coach Academy (ICA). and apprenticed for certification in Web Design.

Kimberley acknowledges her place in the world with a powerful sense of belonging and is personably dedicated to supporting others to experience the same. Kimberley says that – “Once you step up to the edge of infinite possibilities, you’ll never look back. Life with a view is so amazing!”

An intuitive life coach can assist you in facing what has been left unattended and denied – so you can reconnect with your spiritual center, that inner luminous wisdom that knows precisely why you’re here; to rekindle the spark and celebrate your brilliance that can be shared with others through relationships in your personal and professional life.

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