Happy Holy Days

Happy Holy Days

Much love to you at this blessed time of year.

As our world shifts from the information age to the experiential era, you may be feeling excited and in wonder while finding yourself tugged at by old patterns that make you question your senses. Just know that you do not have to know “how”… you do have the opportunity to deepen into the truth of who you really are.

Your inner world creates, shapes and defines your outer world (your current reality). It is your time to learn to create from a frequency of everyday miracles inspired by the divine, to learn to access the truth of your wholeness and to take one step at a time as the momentum of grace builds in unexpected and unstoppable ways. A new era of adventure that you’re meant to live is yours if you commit to your self and your soul.

We don’t have to remain stuck in the old paradigm mode of operation. Transformation does occur in an instant when we do our part. YOU CAN live a lifetime of adventure that truly feeds your soul and supports all of who you are now. What used to be possibilities have become¬† probabilities.

Own Your Light! If not now, when? It’s much more effort (and so much scarier) to try to hold on to what we think we know than it is to learn to allow the divine to free us from our shackles. And we’ve been shackled and numb for a very long time.

As you move into the new year you can take some time for yourself to consider what you need to let go of to make space for what the divine wants to bring to you. Be still and “steep” as you review your life in quiet space. Is it true that you “have to” keep this obligation? Is it time to step aside and give someone else an opportunity to step up and take it on? If you think nobody else will do it, your ego is doing its best to keep you from the safety of the known, the comfort zone.

Even if the comfort zone isn’t so comfy, you know how to manage it. What have you ignored that you know, sense or feel would bring zest to your life and feed your soul? Make space for that. If you have an obligation that you must keep even if you don’t fully enjoy it, take your best to it and set your intention to serve with an open heart and a smile.

Commit to your self to consciously move forward, one step at a time, to consciously choose what your inner wisdom is sharing with you. If you can’t access that inner guidance system, SLOW down and reach out for the support you need to loosen the constriction in your body so you can. It’s not something you have to seek. It is alive and well and waiting for you to partner with it, to acknowledge it, listen and act from that profound space within.


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