Are you Ready to Take a Leap of Brilliance?

You’re a coach, a creative, a heart-centered entrepreneur (or you want to be), an energy practitioner, and/or a budding visionary. You’re simply a person of conviction… committed to knowing yourself fully. You’re ready to feed this deep hunger that you can’t put into words. You’re preparing to bust out of the box into realizing your boldest vision and experience the manifestation of your dreams. And you want to make a difference in the world!

You know that if you could only get out from under these old habits and beliefs… your secret burdens and closed-circuit thinking, you could create something spectacular. And  you want to experience this feeling of boundlessness and freedom that lies beyond fear! You’re ready to let go of what no longer supports your highest choices… reclaiming what you’ve denied so your high-voltage vibrancy can return. And perhaps you’re prepared to explore the terrain beyond the unconscious dictate of ‘making things happen’ that leads to exhaustion and overwhelm… you’re just tired of being tired! Without a doubt – you know there’s more to life than what you’ve been living! 

This Is Your Invitation to Create a Path of Love!

  • You want to learn how to make conscious choices that are aligned with an inner knowing.
  • You’re ready to experience wide-eyed wonder, enthusiasm, pleasure, true love, and inspired creativity.
  • You’re longing to experience a zest for life unlike anything you’ve known before.
  • You want the clarity to know, with certainty, what direction to take that is in alignment with your soul.
  • You wish for a life of impassioned purpose and delight with unshakable confidence and courage, instead of running from the status quo of the same old patterns of limitation.
  • Experience a sense of peace and trust in life with the release of heavy emotions, stress and personal habits that dictate how your life is unfolding.
  • Relax into remembrance of joyful self-expression, of wholeness, and create remarkable opportunities for growth and connection with ease… you’re unstoppable!

What People are Saying…

testimonial Kimberley SimonA number of severe life blocks led to some crippling circumstances. With Kimberley’s step by step guidance and patience I was able to track down my challenges, address them and get them out of my way. Today I am mentally clear, have these challenges put to bed, was able to forgive myself and others, and am able to continue on my life path to help and serve others. I invite and encourage anyone seeking to clear themselves of old business and wanting to get on with new life to call Kimberley and receive for themselves a healing and enrichment that they will be glad of for a long time to come.” ~ LynAnne Moon, TX

testimonial Kimberley SimonKimberley Simon is one exceptional creative emergence coach. I believed that I was always meant to be unhappy and struggle until Kimberley had helped me do some serious soul searching and guided me to do so with care. Her wisdom helped me discover some major issues about myself that caused me to live in constant fear. She gave me some tools to use in order to help me soar and after applying these tools, I started to live the life that I deserve to live. Thank you Kimberley. ~ Miriam Slozberg, Social Media Expert

testimonial Kimberley SimonKimberley has an uncanny sense to help me be honest with myself even when I don’t want to. She keeps me focused on me, not the noise around me that I cannot control. ~ Cathy L, Artist & Poodle Breeder, ON, Canada

About Kimberley Simon…
Wisdom Guide & Creative Emergence Catalyst

Empowering you to confidently communicate what you stand for, Kimberley Simon touches your soul with tenderness, reverence and transformational power – to cross the bridge from fear into the beauty of life. She invites you into profound levels of self-discovery, to take a deep dive into the shadows for undiscovered gems of brilliance and to remember love, light and laughter, because quite simply, it’s your natural state of being. She’ll assist you in accessing your authenticity with a greater sense of self-acceptance and connection to your spirit and body (the house of your soul) – allowing for an increase in life force energy and grace to flow.

“I spent many years discontented, seeking experiences to feed my soul hunger. Then, I realized that I was approaching life from a perspective of fear. My intentions to change all this led me to work in different places across North America – to answer the call of my soul, which magnetized a powerful mystic/medicine woman into my life… teaching me about the unseen realms and how to realign with the language of my soul and energetically quicken and open to the adventures of life. That and my unique mix of experience in the non-profit, entrepreneurial and corporate arenas prepared me to be of service in the world through my talents, skill-set and practical wisdom. What I discovered surprised and delighted me… the more we open to our unique voice, our vibrancy, the simpler and more meaningful life gets!”

I’m here to share my direct experiences and the transformational practices of creative emergence! On this journey into feeding the hunger of your soul and changing your human experience, an environment of everyday miracles is generated in a down-to-earth kind of way – offering practical tools and 1:1 coaching sessions, private programs, plus group programs of discovery, for you to explore the dynamic relationship between the unfamiliar territory of your natural core power and the impassioned creativity that truly reflects a life of freedom, ease and conscious change with ever-unfolding potential. 

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