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Kimberley Simon

A new era is upon us – an acceleration of arising consciousness waking up  humanity, calling us to address the hunger of our soul and take an inner journey into the magical depths of your heart.

Are you ready to shed any feeling of being a victim, to release the past and consciously choose what you create in your life, to reclaim your core power with confidence and courage, with a redefined sense of who you are beyond fear?

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When you commit to the inner knowing of your happy, holy heart, you’re unleashing the passionate power to blaze a trail of brilliance into the unknown… a new life adventure on your path of love.

This is a deep inner journey – a transformational experience of returning to your path of love, to amp up your vibrancy into the clarity of your own wisdom, guiding you in a purposeful direction of greater possibility… of knowing that there’s so much more to life than you’ve yet to experience.

Realize your boldest vision and experience the manifestation of your wildest dreams… because you want to make a difference in the world! Take your leap of brilliance. Your time is now!


to create your path of love ‘cuz you’re unstoppable.

Praise for Kimberley Simon…

testimonial Kimberley Simon
Her joy and lightness of being are contagious and delightful, and by way of working with Kimberley, you’re completely transformed into an individual who is thinking clearly and making daring moves, feeling extremely open, with a heart full of passionate care for others, wanting to be of service in a significant way to the rest of humanity – because you have just been so completely served by Kimberley Simon.” ~
Janice Mark, Original Womyn Alliance

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